It's in the Name


How FitNess Kitchen came to fruition:

Being "fit" is a lifestyle, Ness was a nickname, and favorite place to be was always the kitchen

Originally from Olympia, Washington; the Pacific Northwest where fresh food and produce is a staple, and organic is not just a trend.

Graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a dual Bachelor of Nutrition and Psychology. Resided in Las Vegas for 10 years, working as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in both a hospital and outpatient setting coupled with working in the hospitality industry serving guests the finest experiences. 

Previous NPC bikini competitor trying to be innovative with how to eat 6 meals per day and not get bored with the basics: (chicken/rice/sweet potatoes/green vegetables), in which getting creative with herbs, low-sodium seasonings, spices, etc. allowed for "dieting" to be the easy part.

Passionate about exploring different cuisines and trying every eatery with a mission to turn your favorites to a healthy, more fit version that you can enjoy as part of your lifestyle!