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Mindful Meals

  Low Sodium Teriyaki Lean Turkey Meatballs +   Brown Rice Pasta +   Spinach

Low Sodium Teriyaki Lean Turkey Meatballs + Brown Rice Pasta + Spinach

FitNess Kitchen Co. cuisine is healthy, mindfully flavored, fit meals, meticulously prepared by a foodie with Dietitian expertise. 

#HealthyAsFKC meals specializes in lifestyle foods for the active person who wants to enjoy health-conscious convenient everyday eats. FKC meal plans are fun to take the guess work out of what to order and a good time to explore different types of fit-food creations. On occasion, nutritious and delicious healthy treats (i.e. protein donuts, brownies, muffins, etc.) made available when well deserved (check weekly specials)!

FKC also caters to super clean eaters and competition/challenge friendly diets, very much aware of any additional seasonings/flavorings, extra lean proteins precisely portioned! 





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      HN Supps protein fonuts 

     HN Supps protein fonuts 

 PB & jellyous protein pancakes

PB & jellyous protein pancakes

 Funfetti protein fonuts 

Funfetti protein fonuts 

Clean treats, high in protein, low in fat, lots of guilt without the gut!! Tastes too good to be true...  


It's in the Name


How FitNess Kitchen Co. came to fruition:

Being "fit" is a lifestyle, Ness was a nickname, and my favorite place to be has always been the kitchen

Originally from Olympia, Washington; the Pacific Northwest where fresh food and produce is a staple, and organic is not just a trend.

Graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a dual Bachelor of Nutrition and Psychology. Resided in Las Vegas for 10 years, working as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in both a hospital and outpatient setting coupled with working in the hospitality industry serving guests the finest experiences. 

Previous NPC bikini competitor trying to be innovative with how to eat 6 meals per day and not get bored with the basics: (chicken/rice/sweet potatoes/green vegetables), in which getting creative with herbs, low-sodium seasonings, spices, etc. allowed for "dieting" to be the easy part. Now a mom to a beautiful thriving baby who is 100% breastfed, so making sure the food I consume is what I'd want my baby to be "eating" as well!

Passionate about exploring different cuisines and trying every eatery with a mission to turn your favorites into a healthier, more fit version that you can enjoy as part of your lifestyle!