How do I receive my meals? 

  • Meals are delivered to selected pickup spots. To help preserve the freshness of our meals and to ensure you get a variety of flavors, meals are split up in half being received on Monday and the remaining half received on Wednesday.
    • i.e. 9 meals/week: 5 meals received Monday, 4 meals received Wednesday. 12 meals/week: 6 meals received Monday, 6 meals received Wednesday. 

What is the expiration date of each meal? 

  • Meals are suggested to be consumed within 4 days of date on package in order to preserve the freshest flavors.

Can these meals be frozen? 

  • Yes, if choosing to freeze meals, highly suggested to be frozen within first couple days of date on package. Meals with high water content vegetables (i.e. spinach, zucchini) are not suggested to be frozen, as they tend to be mushy once reheated.  

What are the macronutrients on each meal?

  • Each meal is not calorie counted, but rather precisely portioned out. Standard meals contain: 4oz protein (~25 grams) or 6oz protein (35 grams), 4oz or 5oz carbohydrates (~25 grams, 35 grams), minimal added healthy fats (i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, low fat cheese/dairy, avocado) <10 grams fat.  

Are you gluten free?

  • 90% of meals are without gluten, although made in a facility that does contain gluten; therefore can not be designated as "gluten free". On a rare occasion, a sauce may have traces or small amounts of gluten which may accompany the 10% chance of meals with gluten. Please email us at FitNessKitchenCo@gmail.com for specific food allergies to ensure we can accommodate! 

How do I order?

  • All standard orders are to be submitted via website under "MEAL SHOP" section. Special orders, catering, etc. must be emailed for further details to FitNessKitchenCo@gmail.com. 

What is the difference between Lifestyle Meals and Clean Eats ?

  • Lifestyle Meals - A more flexible way to "diet" on a daily basis with fun, flavorful, comfort foods with a healthy twist. An innovative way to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing the calories. 
  • Clean Eats - Completely clean, competition or challenge friendly meals suited for more strict meal plans. All meals are measured to the exact "T", extra lean proteins, select complex carbohydrates, and green vegetables; meals also containing minimal/sparingly added healthy fats, sodium, and no added sugars.